Improvement In Marginal Field Economics


Reduction In Total Well Construction Cost


Savings in Workover Costs


Sustained Increase in Gas Production


Transformative Technology, Deep Technical Expertise

We have helped operators reduce their well design by one hole size and eliminates a casing string  in areas where severe depletion exists.

We would be pleased to visit with you for the purpose of determining whether or not this engineered and proven solution is viable for consideration on your project.

Proper care of porous gas storage media is being responsible to your bottom line. Drill, complete and workover to maximize your reservoir potential.

We are happy to visit with you about achieving this economic performance goal.

Our engineered solution is designed specifically to complement the drilling operations and improve economic control.

These services are proven, environmentally safe and cost-effective.

Arts of the craftmanship

Ingenious inventiveness, mastered and transformative

Overcoming operational and economic hurdles of today’s unconventional wells requires new thinking and technology. Dimensional analysis of the challenges, realistic goal identification, and careful execution with proven technologies¬† drastically improves your project economics.

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    Total Storage Control
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    Well Construction
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    Zero Skin
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    Total Circ Control
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    ARC Master Fluids
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    Flow Hackers
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    Liquid Pipe
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    Zone Guard

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Well Diagnosis

Reach out to our experts to review your current challenges and determine if the ARC offerings are a good fit.

Project Planning

When building a program to fit your application, we will work with your team to design a fluid package offering that will take into consideration: Goal achievement , Cost, Reservoir protection, Well bore integrity, Drilling efficiencies, Drilling equipment compatibilities, HSE and Environmental impact.

Complimentary Checks

Our engineering management provides oversight on all ARC field activities and engineers throughout the entirety of the program, ensuring everything is executed properly. You can count on direct support and expert problem-solving from beginning to end.

On-site Support

In addition to ARC management oversight we provide full wellsite lab testing equipment and a drilling fluids engineer on location to ensure “around the clock” supervision of the program throughout the project.

Zone-specific Support

Additional on-location support (2nd engineer) is available for specific well interval(s) posing potential high risk drilling challenges.

ARC Fluids


Here you will find news items, product updates and information, white papers, case studies, and more!

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    Total Storage Control

  • Targeting ideal injectivity and flowback capabilities of a porous gas storage reservoir.

  • Zero Skin

  • A proven option for porous gas storage and depleted reservoirs.

  • Total Circ Control

  • Eliminating the pains associated with differential sticking, poor cement bond logs and high volume losses to porous media opens the window to improved well construction economics.

  • Liquid Pipe

  • Delivers a reversible solids free seal in depleted formations. Designed for high pressure differential drilling and workover operations (500 – 2,000+ psi).

  • Zone Guard

  • Optimization of reservoir performance, whether it is in new drills or porous gas storage, requires practical dedication.

  • Flow Hackers

  • The ARC micro-solution technology suite of products.

  • ARC Master Fluids

  • A portfolio of systems and products targeted for ideal drilling performance.

  • Well Construction

  • Engineering analysis and planning to identify where significant client benefit can be achieved.