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  February 28th, 2006
P aper presented at the ONGC International Drilling Fluids conference in Mumbai, India.

May 20th, 2007
ARC joins forces with Reel Revolution Ltd in order to optimize CBM and Brownfield operations.

Visit Reel Revolution's Website for more info...


February 28th, 2006
Paper presented at the ONGC International Drilling Fluids conference in Mumbai, India.


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We Only Take The Tough Jobs

rocky mountains cbm unconventional gas coal bed methaneFor conventional wells with predictable challenges, any service company can supply acceptable fluids. At ARC, we only take on the complex challenges. Our customizable fluids work best in a handful of wells, and those are all we care about.

Sometimes we even turn down work, once we realize that our solutions won’t work in a particular play. We don’t charge customers for that time.

We’d rather get our hands dirty on the next well than argue about a few hours.

Conventional drilling solutions are rarely an economical solution to today's challenging drilling projects. New fluid solutions for mature field development exist, but the trust, expertise and awareness to implement them is lacking.

ARC and its partners are dedicated to providing new, proven technologies and the information for their correct use and application. We connect the right technology with your well specifications and formulate a plan to make even the most challenging or problematic reservoir a successful business opportunity.

It’s no longer a question of whether the technology exists, works or is cost effective...

Only if a drilling & exploration company has the opportunity and the foresight to apply them.

If you’re confronted with a challenging well and think one of our technologies might help, you're probably right. Contact us now for a free consultation to hear how we can help you overcome your reservoir's challenges.

Tony Rea
Founder & Director
ARC Fluid Technologies, LLC




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